RPS CM04 Current Meter

RPS is leading the industry with noise free high accuracy current measurements. Our internally designed and manufactured CM04 current meter provides calibrated, noiseless, rapid sampling rate current measurements in shallow seas to the deep oceans. The current meter sets leading standards for reliability and accuracy and was recently selected as the benchmark against which other current measurement devices were tested in a recent joint industry study. The CM04 has outstanding endurance, able to sample continuously at 30 Hz for a year on a single battery.

The success of the instrument lies in the use of an Active Acoustic Path, rather than a much weaker signal sensed in common acoustic backscatter devices such as the Aanderaa Seaguard and Nortec Aquadopp. The difference in noise and quality is apparent in the example time series comparing our CM04 data (blue) against that obtained with an acoustic back scatter instrument (red) from the same mooring (CM04 was slightly deeper in the water).

In many applications where noise free and highly accurate data is required, such as for use in developing critical engineering design parameters, the advantages of measurement with a CM04 are clear.

Further detail is available within the following paper:

Bush, G., and Nolan, C., “Comparison of In situ Current Measurement Methods, the Accuracy Achieved in the Field and Recommendations for Engineering Design Applications”   OMAE2018-77170.

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