The RPS MetOcean Science & Technology team is a global group offering a unique blend of skills and experience that has collectively built a reputation for reliability, excellence and innovation across the industries we support and the solutions we provide. Our history dates back to the 1970’s through legacy companies Evans-Hamilton and Applied Science Associates (ASA) in the United States, and Metocean Engineers in Australia. All groups established themselves as leaders in their industries, with exceptional data return, sophisticated software and client-focussed solutions the hallmarks of success.

Through progressive acquisition since 2007, and together with Asia-Pacific Applied Science Associates (APASA), RPS now provides a globally integrated group providing leadership in MetOcean Science & Technology. We believe passionately that the most important decisions should be made with the best information.

We support our clients with a depth of understanding of the ocean and the challenges measuring, predicting, operating and managing it that can only be gained through decades of experience and continuous improvement.

We now operate from seven offices worldwide, with the additional reach of our global RPS family. Our major client list includes the largest oil & gas, offshore renewable and mining companies, as well as key government organisations, maritime safety agencies and industry regulators.

Technology and innovation is at the heart of what we do, while quality and safety guide our everyday approach to our work. We thrive on the complex and the challenging, delivering quality and longterm value for our clients, all the while working to ensure our people, and all those we work with, return home safe each and every day.

Our solutions and integrated service offering are truly unique, and we welcome the opportunity to help you develop your projects in the most robust and sustainable way.

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