The RPS MetOcean Science & Technology team has developed capabilities to help our industry partners successfully develop and operate in, and to understand the marine environment. From delivering software systems supporting the preservation of human life at sea to measuring water properties in the deepest ocean, we are there with you.

Our solutions have been developed over many years, evolving with technology while maintaining a reputation for reliability and responsiveness. The breadth of our industry coverage requires a large and adaptive toolkit, built on skills, software and world leading equipment. It’s no coincidence that RPS has recently been selected by clients seeking innovation, agility and class leading accuracy for projects across defence, oil and gas and the offshore wind industry.

We have experience providing these solutions across the globe for clients ranging from local, multi-national, government and inter-government. Our integrated suite of service offerings is truly unique, provided by our highly dedicated team.

Get in touch today, we are always happy to discuss how our solutions can help with your challenges.

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