Platform and Rig Project Experience

Shell Platforms in the Gulf of Mexico
Client: Shell Exploration & Production

RPS has deployed and maintains 38 kHz ADCP units on 14 rigs and platforms in the Gulf of Mexico for Shell E&P. Four of the platforms also include Automated Weather Observing Systems (AWOS) for meteorological and aviation purposes. A computer system on each platform collects, stores, performs automated quality assessments, and displays the data. Observations are reported to the Nation Data Buoy Center (NDBC) at 10 minute intervals, and made available to Shell in real-time through RPS’s Integrated Marine Monitoring System (IMMS), map based, web data portal, allowing review, plotting and download of present and historical data.

Maersk Viking, Gulf of Mexico
Client: ExxonMobil

RPS deployed and maintains a 38 kHz ADCP system, a boom skid deployment system and a sea-bed 75 kHz ADCP for ExxonMobil on the Maersk Viking MODU. The MODU has been operating in the Julia field, which is located in the ultra-deepwater Walker Ridge area of the Gulf of Mexico in approximately 7,000 feet (2,100 meter) water depth.

Offshore Production Platform Met-Ocean Program
Client: Chevron, West Africa

RPSdesigned, installed and maintains a suite of met-ocean sensors on 4 offshore production platforms off the coast of West Africa. Each suite includes an upward and downward looking ADCP providing a full water column profile of the currents as well as directional wave information. Each platform also has a weather station providing winds, barometric pressure, temperature, humidity and precipitation. A computer system on each platform collects, stores, and displays the data. Data from each site are transmitted to a shore-based server for archival and display via a web application.

MODU Stena Carron
Client: ExxonMobil (Esso Guyana)

RPS has deployed and maintains a real-time met-ocean system on the Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit (MODU) Stena Carron consisting of a 38 kHz ADCP at the surface with a 600kHz horizontal mount ADCP, a 75 kHz ADCP mounted on the sea floor looking up, and an on-board weather station, for ExxonMobil offshore of Guyana, in support of exploration work there. The bottom mount ADCP and pressure gage is also in real time, utilizing 2-way communication with the surface using a deep water acoustic modem system. The real-time system will also include a sea surface deployed ocean wave and meteorological station buoy as one of 5 moorings deployed by RPS in the area for the ExxonMobil program.

Noble Jim Day, Gulf of Mexico
Client: Shell

RPS has maintained a data collection system on board Noble Jim Day for number of years consisting of an Ocean Observer ADCP, data acquisition system and load handling system. Recently the system was expanded to include a seabed data collection system. Seabed current profiles were acquired with a 300 kHz Workhorse in the ultra-deep water region near Walker Ridge (9970 feet). The system was integrated with a deep case Sonardyne 6 G Compatt to allow for near real time seabed current measurements and is transmitted to the surface every 10 minutes and displayed.

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