Montara Well Blow-Out

On the 21st August 2009 the Montara well head platform in the Timor Sea suffered a blow-out resulting in oil, gas and condensate being released into the sea.

RPS emergency response was tasked with trajectory modelling and oil spill forecasts were issued from day one. Ongoing spill forecast bulletins were required and issued to the client (AMSA and DEHWA) using OILMAP and various forecast datasets to develop a “consensus forecast” of what was expected to occur.

The bulletins typically included forecasts of the winds and currents and the forecast of the spill movement. These spill forecasts were checked daily against aerial observations and satellite imagery to ensure accuracy was maintained throughout the incident.

RPS emergency response used a combination of daily overflight operations, spill trajectory modelling and the use of satellite images to ensure the most detailed understanding of the movement and fate of the spilt Montara oil throughout the entire 73-day incident.

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