Massachusetts Ocean Partnership

Developed to enhance regional ocean planning efforts, the new Northeast Ocean Data Portal contains regional spatial data on human activities, natural resources, and jurisdictional information for New England’s coasts and ocean waters. These data are available to the public and can be viewed online and downloaded for use in GIS platforms.

Specifically, the portal includes interactive and static maps, atlases, and models for coastal and marine spatial planning. It features the Northeast Ocean Data Viewer, a user-friendly interactive map that can be used to visualize data on human uses, environmental features, and political and administrative boundaries. It also includes a data catalog with downloadable data files, a directory of web mapping services, and a guide to other data resources, along with a select listing of coastal and marine spatial planning authorities in the northeast region.

The data, map viewer, and other tools included with the Northeast Ocean Data Portal are the result of over a year’s worth of extensive effort. A collaboration of organizations with data development experience worked closely with the Northeast Regional Ocean Council (NROC) and other regional ocean management partners to develop the portal.

The Northeast Regional Ocean Council ( is a state and federal partnership with the goal of engaging in regional protection and balanced use of ocean and coastal resources. NROC’s coordinated approach reaches from Maine to Connecticut to find and implement solutions to the region’s most pressing ocean and coastal issues.

RPS developed the web portal for this project using a highly customized ArcGIS viewer with Adobe Flex. The interactive mapping site contains information and tools relevant to coastal and marine decision making. RPS assisted in cartographic presentation of the data layers as well as data development. Physical oceanographic, biological, political, and ocean use data are available in the portal, as well as access to metadata for all datasets.

Tools allow for data download, as well as the ability to connect to online data for The Nature

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