Ongoing project for the Dubai Municipality

Expertise Summary

  • Operational forecast system – daily updates
  • Hydrodynamic modelling
  • Wind modelling
  • Wave modelling
  • Measurement ingestion
  • Online interactive processing and access


RPS developed the Dubai Coastal Zone Monitoring Programme operational modelling system and integrated website. A sophisticated modelling system was developed by RPS to provide daily forecasts and warnings related to wind, wave, tide and ocean current conditions. The modelling included a suite of regional to local scale models, with high resolution wind forecasts use to drive detailed wave and hydrodynamic models. The development process included collation of varying topographic, GIS, hydrographic and meteorological data. All models are run on a continuous cycle, fed by high quality global models at regional boundaries and updating daily with forecasts available for 3 days ahead.

The system is maintained on servers deployed locally, with open source modelling suites incorporated to ensure flexibility of application, community support and evolving science. All systems feed into the RPS EDS that then makes the detailed and high-quality forecasts available for SAR and oil spill application using the RPS SARMAP and OILMAP technologies. All models underwent rigorous calibration and validation processes, ensuring that the predictions would be reliable. The outputs of the system feed an integrated website that provides the local authorities and community access to detailed beach and offshore condition forecasts improving the safety and awareness for local users. Warning levels and resulting advice are automated.

Technology and Data Management

RPS applied a variety of in-house and third-party, open source, technology during this project and ingested, processed and presented many data streams. Some of these are listed below.


  • WRF (Weather, wind forecasting model)
  • ROMS (Open source hydrodynamic model)
  • SWAN (Open source wave model)
  • Linux-based operational model management
  • RPS Environmental Data Server
  • OILMAP and OceansMAP technology

Data Streams

  • Wave sensors
  • Ocean current sensors
  • Meteorological sensors
  • HF Radar
  • Bathymetric survey data
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