Defence deploys RPS as lead navigator for oceans of data

Defence deploys RPS as lead navigator for oceans of data

As part of the Australian Defence Force’s $200 billion* commitment to modernise defence systems and capability, RPS will combine the unique skills of three of its teams to develop a world-class meteorological and oceanographic (METOC) information system for use by the Australian Defence Force.

Selected to lead the Foundation Meteorological and Oceanographic Information System (FMIS) project, a select group of RPS experts will collaborate to create an enterprise-level system to support Defence activities that include METOC information in their planning.

FMIS will deliver METOC data with visualisation and decision-support tools using Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Web Services over a standard browser to Defence ICT networks and disconnected (standalone) users.

“Understanding how the world’s oceans and atmosphere behave and the impacts they have on human communities and activities requires three things – large amounts of data, scientifically-proven models for assessing and treating information, and sophisticated platforms for data management, visualisation and decision support,” says RPS Executive General Manager for Energy Services and Ocean Science, Murray Burling.

RPS is in the business of ‘big METOC data’, working with clients across the government, energy, marine rescue and recovery, aviation and other industries to monitor and understand wind, wave, weather, tide and current patterns in support of safe, efficient operations.

“Where we are unique is that we can combine the skills of our internationally-renowned METOC measurement and modelling specialists with our leading oceanographic software developers and defence project management experts.”

Together, our multi-disciplinary team will create a state-of-the-art, scalable platform to help Defence collect, interrogate and share METOC data from across the world. Sophisticated decision-support tools will be integrated to guide and inform Defence planning.

All development work will be delivered in a secure environment, overseen by members of RPS’ project management team – specialists who have spent their entire careers working on Defence projects, and are intimately familiar with Defence objectives, security protocols and sensitivities.

“As with any organisation or industry, the speed at which data can be acquired, processed and disseminated is critical to the work of Australia’s Defence Services and Groups. The new system we create in partnership with Defence will help its people work smarter and faster, have immediate access to the data they need and minimise their corporate and operational risk,” says Mr Burling.

“As a team we’re excited to have the opportunity to combine our rich capabilities across a number of specialisations to create a contemporary METOC information system that meets the unique needs of Defence, by supporting them to do what they do best – keep our region secure and our nation safe.”

Enquiries: Lauren Bonser, RPS Communications Advisor (07) 3237 8858.

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